Saturday 30 November 2019

#MakanReview : Ibrahim Fatty Crab, Ampang

This will be a brief review on Ibrahim Fatty Crab.
The place is quite spacious with options of live seafood. We went there at 6pm, so the dinner crowd has yet to fill the place. 

These was what we ordered; lala halia, Singaporean chili crab, sotong goreng tepung and fried man tao. All of these came up to RM230 (The crab was a bit expensive ; but super fresh and big)

My comments;
  • Lala Halia : A refreshing dish with fresh lala. Love it!
  • Singaporean chili crab : Was not expecting a sweet dish, I definitely don't like the sauce. However, the crab was fresh, full of meat and roe (thank God). 
  • Sotong goreng tepung : Too much flour I would say. The actual squid was small and I have doubt on its freshness.
  • Fried man tao : I expected crunchy man tao on the outside and soft in the inside. But it's flat out soft. 

Overall rating : 3/5.
Don't see myself coming back.  

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