Wednesday 18 December 2019

MBA UiTM : 3rd Semester Review

Nearly at the finishing line, guys! Only a semester to go! As always, here's the recap for my 3rd semester in UiTM.

OPM770: Operation Management
  • Lecturer : Associate Professor Dr Roslina Ab Wahid
  • Such a roller coaster beginning for the semester. It was not a particularly difficult subject but Dr Roslina's expectation was sky high so we were a bit agitated (at least I was)
  • In the span of 5 weeks, we had 2 case study reports, critique paper, midterm test, final exam and final project presentation.
  • For the article critique, we were required to comment on Dr Roslina's own published article. So that's a bit nerve-racking.
  • Final project - we were to improve the operation of any real-life organization and my team chose Family Mart [This was what I love about the modules in UiTM. Most of them revolve around solving real-life business issues]

FIN745: Managerial Finance
  • Lecturer : Professor Dr Noryati Ahmad
  • To say that I'm excited about this module is an understatement but at the back of my head, I'm a bit pressured too because I know I have to do well, being an ACCA member 😝
  • The two biggest output for the module was an individual assignment and group project on performance analysis in which we analysed UEM Sunrise against its competitors.

MIS750: Information Technology Management
  • Lecturer : Dr Syaripah Ruzaini Syed Aris
  • We learnt about formulating IT strategies and at the end of the semester, we have to propose IT strategies for any one organization. We went with EXIM Bank, surprise, surprise!

ABR794: Applied Business Research [Proposal]
  • Lecturer : Associate Professor Dr Nooraini Mohamad Sheriff
  • We've submitted our research proposal in December, under the supervision of Dr Nooraini
  • Our applied research will be on cooking oil brand choice in Malaysia, focusing on ALIF brand

So that basically sums up the 3rd semester of my #MBAJourney.
Exam result will be out mid-February. Hoping all will be as expected 💖

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