Saturday 21 December 2019

#MakanReview : Alissara Thai Cuisine, Puchong Perdana

Hands down, my go-to place for authentic Thai cuisine. Consistent, delicious goodness.

They had been closed for a while for renovation and I had the chance to visit them recently.

I'm sharing some of my favorite dishes below;

Telur Cha-Om
One of my all-time favorite dish growing up, cha om omelette. It's basically omelette with acacia leaves (daun petai) fried to perfection, served with sambal belacan and prawn meat. 

Daging Matahari
Also used to have this a lot growing up. The meat are seasoned and sun dried for a few days before it's fried with lots of garlic (Mom even packed this for me to bring to Germany 😂). In Alissara, it's so tender and flavorful. I guess they didn't left it to dry for so long. Recommended!

Nasi Goreng Ketam
One of their newest offering, crab fried rice with imported crab meat and crab roe. It was good, just that the meat were a bit dry. But overall, acceptable. I'll stick to my usual fare here though.

Clear Tom Yum

Pulut Ayam, Kailan Ikan Masin, Tom Yum

They have A LOT on their menu, including desserts and Thai BBQ sausages.
Highly recommended.

My overall rating : 5/5

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