Thursday 23 January 2020

Aceh Trip : Itinerary

Day 1
  • Arrived at the airport at 9am. The supir has already been waiting (We liaised with Freddies for the service)
  • We wanted to take the fast ferry to Pulau Weh and we would have missed the 9.30am trip so we spent some time in Banda Aceh while waiting for the next ferry trip at 4pm
  • Supir brought us to Pantai Lampuuk for lunch, then we stopped by Mie Bardi to 'tapau' the infamous fried noodle before stopping for authentic Aceh coffee. 
  • Then we took the 4pm ferry to Pulau Weh. Another supir had been waiting at the port to bring us to Iboih Jetty (40 minutes drive)
  • Here, the staffs from Iboih Inn picked us at the jetty (you can hike to the accommodation or opt for the boat ride; of course we chose the latter!)
  • Familiar place but this time, we got an even better room!
  • At night we had dinner at Iboih Inn and spent the night free and easy; gazing at the stars etc.

Day 2
  • We went for the dolphin tour with Ijul (we first met him in 2017). He picked us up at 6.30am by boat
  • We were joined by other people as well, where Ijul brought us to look for dolphins. Oh it was so magnificent! Something you should never miss when you're in Pulau Weh. I don't have the pictures though, only videos.  
  • The dolphin trip cost Rp500,000 per person which includes breakfast, GoPro videos and pictures, snorkelling equipment, lunch and snorkelling at a few spots. The trip ended at 3pm. You can contact Ijul at +62 85260408660 or through his Instagram - zulkifli_ijull.
  • And I also got to eat the best banana fritters ever! Has been craving for it since the last time I visited Pulau Rubiah. Not to mention, the lunch spread was amazing!

  • We were pretty exhausted after the trip that we just chill at in our room and had dinner at Iboih Inn restaurant at night. 

Day 3
  • Early morning, we had breakfast at the restaurant and wanted to take a dip. But sadly, it's the jellyfish season! Even though we were told that this particular species of jellyfish is not dangerous, we were too much of a scaredy-cat to jump into the water. Haha.
  • We checked out at 11am and the supir is already waiting to bring us to Freddies, on the other side of the island. 
  • We loved Freddies so much!!! The view, everything was perfect!! 
  • After lounging in the room, we rent a scooter to explore the island. We went to Gua Sarang, a tourist attraction spot and Taman Wisata Putro Ijoe to have the amazing Ayam Tangkap we had last time we were here. 
  • Then at night, we had dinner buffet at Freddie's.

Day 4
  • Nothing much planned for the day, we had breakfast buffet at Freddie's
  • Then continue exploring the town
  • We had an in-house massage session in the room (so good!)
  • Just chill the whole day, looking at the amazing view.
  • Had a dip in the sea as well (you have direct access to the beach here, unlike at Iboih Inn).

Day 5
  • Breakfast buffet at Freddie's
  • Checkout
  • Supir brought us to the jetty to go back to Banda Aceh
  • We shop around the town for keropok malinja and had Mie Razali before we went back to KL

Based on the itinerary, you can tell that the theme for our trip this time around was 'chill and relax'.  😉

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