Saturday 28 March 2020

Prenatal Checkup : Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong

This is the story of my first and only experience going for a prenatal checkup at Columbia Asia, Puchong.

To set the record straight, this was never my first choice of hospital but I only came here because it's near to my house and I need my hospital-prescribed meds during MCO. I went for the checkup on my 13th week of pregnancy, 2nd trimester.

We were at the hospital at 5 minutes to 8am. It's quite deserted and in fact, we were the first patient there for Dr Juhaidah. Did the ultrasound, preliminary screening for Down Syndrome (via ultrasound), blood test and consultation. It was all completed by 9am. I also got a month supply of Obimin and Duphaston. 

To be honest, I chose this particular doctor after the glowing review I read on the internet. But really, there's nothing special and I kinda regret the decision to come here. I did not feel reassured. There was hardly any eye contact 😕 So.. Pardon me if I'm being too picky. Hahaha.  Especially considering this is our first child. 

And guess how much the bill came up to? RM650 including the meds! Hahahahaha

Thank God both our companies fully covered pre and postnatal expenses. However, we felt like it's a tad expensive for the level of service rendered.

I got the result of blood test via Whatsapp 3 weeks later (because I asked for it)

So that's my experience. Definitely won't recommend. 

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