Sunday 20 September 2020

#Pregnancy : 3rd Trimester Experience

Third Trimester: 10 July 2020 - September 2020

The early part of my third trimester, I'm still a bit apprehensive because my belly is not as big as I thought it would be but in a way, I'm thankful because I did not gain any significant weight. 

Case 1 : I went for a prenatal massage. When I was about to pay, the lady at the cashier thought I'm 7 weeks pregnant when I'm actually 7 months pregnant 😅

Case 2 : We were looking for a stroller at a baby shop and the salesgirl asked me how old is my baby. Well, maybe she thought I had a post-partum belly. Hahaha. 

Anyhow, as the doctor said the baby is fine and normal, all is well I guess. After some reading, I found out that tall first-time moms will take a while to 'show' as the baby had more room to manoeuvre before the belly starts to stretch out.  

BUT, going into my 8th month of pregnancy, suddenly my belly grew exponentially. Hahaha

So how's my third trimester? 
  • At night and while I was sleeping, I often had heartburn (Thank God for Gaviscon). 
  • My lower back started to ache more. I guess my slipped disc is finally catching up with me. So my remedy - hot shower, hot pack, Accustop patch (some gynaecologist said it's okay to use it), and maternity belt binder
  • My skin had improved significantly compared to the first trimester. 
  • Was also able to travel to a few places before the baby pops.
  • (Severe) mood swings
  • Pees a lot (especially in the 9th month of pregnancy)
  • During the final weeks, I can feel my ribs hurt (as if someone is pushing it in from the outside- don't know how to describe)
Supplement for the third trimester: Obimin, Obical, Glyprin, Metformin and Neurogain.

At the end of the pregnancy, I've gained a total of 7.7kg.

In the third trimester, it is also required to count the baby's movement. It should reach 10 kicks by 9pm. Oh so exciting! Thank God I had an office job as I tend to not notice the kicks when I'm on the go. Hahaha

Pejam celik, it has been 9 months! Really didn't felt like it. Mostly because I didn't have any major complications and I sailed through pregnancy smoothly. Alhamdulillah. 

Can't wait to meet #LittleRizq!

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