Tuesday 8 September 2020

#MakanReview : Marc Et Farid, Telok Panglima Garang

Though the location is bad (quite far, smacked in the middle of nowhere), the area itself and the interior design of the place is beautiful. It has a charming Parisian vibe to it, from decor to the music. But, they do have very limited indoor and outdoor seatings. So bear that in mind. Best to come here during weekdays I would think. 

That being said, we love their desserts and savoury dishes.

They offered a limited quantity of their desserts and menu tend to differ every day. 

The selection of desserts are on display at their counter

These were what we ordered in-store; lemon tart (3.5/5), pannacotta with fresh fruit (3.5/5), strawberry tart (5/5)!

The strawberry tart was amazing with a hint of pistachio. Love it!!
When we were there, many of its best sellers were sold out. 

We also tapau'd their quiche (5/5) and nasi lemak (5/5).
The nasi lemak is very simple but taste good!!

Will definitely return to try their best sellers!

PS - they're open every Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. 

Update : They are now available on Beep. Placed an order today despite the RM30 delivery fee. LOL. Worth every penny!!!

From left; Paris Brest Hazelnut (4.5/5), Strawberry Tart (4/5) - [it tasted different from the one we had at the store] and Blueberry Tart (3/5).

Caneles. So unassuming but soooooo so good. If there's only 1 thing you could buy from here, I would totally recommend this. Easy 5/5!!

Was not a chocolate dessert kinda person but this totally converts me. Chocolate Praline Tart (5/5).

Urghhh still thinking of these desserts!! 💓

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