Wednesday 7 October 2020

Aqiqah with

Knowing me and N, we prefer simple things. So for our baby's Aqiqah, we don't want the fuss of actually organizing a whole shenanigan, inviting people, thinking about the venue, caterer etc. So we decided to do only what's needed. 

We engaged with for the following reasons;

  • It's 100% online
  • The aqiqah is carried out in Mecca
  • Video evidence of the aqiqah
  • Affordable price - RM499
After I gave birth, I immediately asked N to complete the registration form online here
You'll need to key in details of one of the parents, address, the baby's name and the date preferred for the Aqiqah (The best is when the baby turned 7 days old). Then you'll be directed to the payment page and you've officially registered!


After the baby was born, we immediately registered on the website and chose the preferred date for the aqiqah which was 7 days later. 

A couple of days after our anointed preferred date, we had received a Whatsapp video of the aqiqah, with our baby's name clearly mentioned. We also received the commemorative plaque a couple of weeks later. So, so easy and it was carried out smoothly. Would definitely recommend their service!

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