Monday 12 October 2020

#Confinement : Fazrina Postnatal Care Review

I knew from the get-go that I wanted a Confinement Lady (CL) to take care of me during confinement. Since I'm living in an apartment (and because I value my privacy) I chose daily visit package instead of having the CL to stay in my house. 

Among the CL services I shortlisted was;

  • Fazrina Postanatal Care
  • Inai Confinement 
  • Natalis Mother Care and Beauty (only stay in packages are available)
  • Lavender Confinement  Care (only stay in packages are available)
  • Elvira Postnatal Care (only stay in packages are available)
In the end, I chose Fazrina Postnatal Care because some of my friends spoke very highly of them.
I've also visited their Spa in Bangi during my 6th and 9th month of pregnancy for the prenatal massage and it was great. 

They basically offered 4 packages for daily visit.

The first 2 packages; 'A' Full Day and 'A' Half Day.

The full-day package is from 9am to 4.30pm (7.5 hours) while for half-day you can choose either from 9am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 4.30pm (3.5 hours).

Since the most important treatment for me is the daily body massage, package A doesn't meet my needs. So I chose Package B instead. 

In the end, I chose Package B Full Day. And the package already included transportation charges depending on where you live. Some other providers charged as much as RM40 daily for transportation. 

One thing for sure, please liaise with them early as their slots may be full. I contacted them when I was 6 months pregnant and I was lucky there were a few slots left. To book, just Whatsapp their number and make a RM500 deposit payment. And do tell them when you're going to the hospital to deliver as they have to manage their logistics as well.

So, my review.

My CL was Kak Atikah, from Bandung. [Apparently, the company has near to 160 CLs, all Indonesian]. After 8 days, we felt like we've had enough and asked the owner if we could change to another CL. Oh by the way, N was working from home during the entire duration of the CL's service. So the issues we had includes;
  • Communication issue - the CL could barely understand BM so it was difficult for us to communicate
  • Headstrong - She was quite old and will not follow 'our' way of doing things (despite being told repeatedly)
  • Poor time management - did not do everything that she's supposed to do even though there were a lot of spare time
  • Did not even informed us when she destroyed our stuff (broken hanger / burnt Tupperware / candle stain on carpets) 
  • On the phone / video call while on the job
  • Took my baby's picture without asking for consent 😑
Upon informing the owner, she graciously apologized and sent a new CL the following day. Alhamdulillah. The second CL I got, Kak Mala was wayyy better. 

So the CL's routine is as follows;
  • She'll come in at 9ish (sometimes earlier / later depending on the traffic) and boiled the herbal concoction for baby's and my bath
  • She'll bath, massage and use the warm compress (tuam) on the baby
  • Apply body scrub on me (twice weekly)
  • Set up the sauna (three times weekly)
  • I'll take my bath
  • Full traditional body massage and hot stone therapy (bertungku)
  • Belly binding (bengkung) 
  • CL will prepare lunch/dinner for me and hubs
  • Do the laundry
  • Bath the baby again at around 4
  • Prepare herbal bath for me before heading back at 4.30
Here are some of the #pantangfood prepared by the CL. 

I may opt for the half-day daily visit package the next time though insyaAllah as I felt that the CL has too many free time (2 hours plus) in the evening. Hahaha

Would I recommend Fazrina Postnatal Care?
Yes (if you really want a traditional confinement experience)
I couldn't care less about the so-called pantang diet; no eggs, no chicken 😏. I ate them all as long as they're healthy food (source of protein) and I had no allergies. But to each their own. 
The CL could be a bit controlling and will enforce their beliefs and what-not. 
Just turn a blind eye on that 😅

PS - I personally felt the body massage and hot stone therapy helps a lot in my recovery. Such a pity that my time with the CL was cut short due to the MCO. Will share my experience with another post-natal masseuse in the next post!

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