Saturday 11 March 2017

#MakanReview : Mr Dakgalbi [Setiawalk]

I've visited Mr Dakgalbi for the first time yesterday. I've gotten into the bandwagon a tad late, I know. People has been talking about this place for a while now. 

Generally, I like Korean food [Seoul Garden, Dubu-Yo] but when I actually went to South Korea; SOME of the food doesn't sit well with me. I felt like some of them were either too bland or too spicy for my liking. And I emphasized 'some' here because I did have amazing food experience as well. 

So finally I visited Setiawalk's branch on Wednesday night. I've been doing my research for a while now so I know what to expect. 

Initially we wanted to order the set meal for 2-3 pax but since I wanted the Octopus dakgalbi, the waiter suggested me to order separately. 

So we ordered Mr Dakgalbi/chicken (RM23), Octopus Dakgalbi (RM28), Cheese (RM7), Ramen (RM7) and Fried Rice (RM7).

[GST included and no service charge]

And it comes with 3 banchaan (side dishes) which you can ask for free refill.
I especially love the soup.
[No pictures here as we ate them all; it was 9pm and we were starving]

Firstly, they'll saute a buck load of vegetables together with marinated chicken and some tteok-bokki (rice cake)
The ramen, octopus, rice and cheese

The vegetable has magically disappeared into thin air. Hahaha
Then octopus and ramen were added in and stir fried together
And may I say, the chickens are fabulous. They only used thigh meat, so it's all juicy and tender. The looks may be deceiving because it's not overly spicy. The sauce tasted a bit sweet and a tad spicy. Just nice. And I love them! We gobbled em up quickly. We saved some chicken and octopus for them to turned em into fried rice. 

The rice itself is different from ours. The cheese is a nice touch and it all tasted so good!! Unfortunately I was already too full and husband has to finish up the last few spoonfuls. 
It was money well spent.

To answer the question. Mr Dakgalbi; is it really good? Yes it is!!

Rating : 4/5

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