Thursday 2 March 2017

Short Visit to Labuan

Since my last trip to Labuan in 2013 [you can read here], I've always wanted to go back. Admittedly, it was a quiet island, with nothing much to do. But it felt so peaceful. And the seafood were great.

3 weeks ago, AirAsia had a promotion on domestic flights and guess how much the is ticket to Labuan?


Return ticket!

For 2 hours 30 minutes flight. Isn't that amazing?!

I'm still mind blown to be honest. 
#thankyouAirAsia #noweveryonecanfly

Of course then I went menggelitis to Nazli and asked [forced] him to go to Labuan with me. 

FYI, I paid RM150 for my tickets back in 2013. 

We took the morning flight on a Thursday.

The activities we did in Labuan;

Chimney Museum, of course. One of the few attractions on the island.
Free admission. You could really learn a thing or two here 

Located only 100 meters from the Chimney.
Admission fees - RM3
Honestly, don't bother to come here. The place is not maintained at all. Broken swings, dirty cages and walkway; you get the picture. 

Pantai Batu Manikar (in front of UMS)
The whole time we were there, it was quite cloudy so it's the perfect weather to just sit by the beach and day dream. Haha

The most anticipated place ! Anjung Ketam, Tanjung Aru.

Bonus! Ada siput tarik! 💗

Ketam Telur Masin, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Siput Tarik Stim Halia, Air Kelapa, Teh O Ais, Nasi
Semuanya RM62. Only ❤
In 2013, sekilo ketam siap masak cost RM30. Now it's RM40. Still cheap, though

My new favorite restaurant in Labuan - Restoran Raff. We came here everyday!
Their Laksa Sarawak is good!
And daging masak hitam (their specialty) is great too.
Their rice, I don't know what it is but it's better than we had in Peninsular. 
Of course, teh madras. I like em.
That's a big thing for a non-teh-susu drinker. 

Bazar Labuan is no more nowadays. They all moved to the UTC building. In my opinion, there's less choices but just make do lah. You can find all the ikan masin, sagu ambuyat, fruits and fresh seafood here.
Our lepak port was the many beaches. We had our breakfast and evening snacks there. And also countless jumping shots

Wingardium Leviosa'd myself

At pasar tani, early Saturday morning.
We bought a whole lot of Labuan traditional delicacies!

We also had durian nearby UTC.  And my God, they were cheap!!!

1 bekas polisterin penuh isi durian (can hardly close the container) cuma RM10. And it taste good too!

We also went to Ujana Kewangan to find some duty free shops. Didn't shop much here.

We stayed at Siang Guesthouse, just like the last time I was in Labuan.
Still a very good place to stay. Selesa, bersih, berbaloi.

Basically, that was our short relaxing trip in Labuan.

No regrets  👱

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