Tuesday 28 March 2017

#MakanReview : K Street Cafe [SS15]

With all these reviews [and no exercise], no wonder I kept on gaining weight  😂 

We went to K-Street Cafe last weekend. It's in SS15, right in front of Taylor's College. The place has been famous for a few years. The main reason I was hesitant to visit was the fact that finding parking will be a nightmare there. But, it turns out that they do have reserved parking spots for customers. 

Credit : yayahana
We opted to sit at the second floor for more privacy.

We sat in this section

Also on the second floor
The full menu;

Such a huge menu! For our first time here, we ordered some of the famous Korean street food. 

Seafood Ja Jang Myun, Topokki and Odeng

Haemul Ja Jang Myun (Seafood Black Bean Noodles) RM18.90

They are very very generous with the seafood  👍 
I got a lot of octopus and prawns in the black bean sauce. They were fresh, too. 
The noodles are bouncy and chewy. 
Initially, I thought that the portion was a tad small but it turns out to be perfect. 
Rating : 7.5/10

Odeng (Fish Cake) RM12.90

A serving equals to 3 fish cakes on a stick. It's thick and not fishy at all. 
Nazli especially love the clear broth. When I had it in Korea, the broth was not spicy. But here, they added in some chilies, for the hint of spiciness. 
I always hated local fish cake but this is a version I love!
Rating : 8.5/10

Street Style Topokki (Rice Cake with Sweet Chili Sauce) RM12.90

This dish is quite spicy. Besides the topokki, there's also some fish cakes thrown in. Generous portion of rice cake. 
Rating : 7/10

Patbingsu (Red Bean Shaved Ice) RM6.90

Patbingsu means red bean shaved ice. What we had was nothing like the original patbingsu. But for the record, in the menu they stated it as 'Patbingsu -Ice Kacang'. When you eat Patbingsu, the thinly shaved ice will melt in your mouth. Not in this case. I'm a bit disappointed in this as it was the one I'm most excited to try. Not too bad, though. Just a little too sweet.
Rating : 5/10

I may return in the future to sample the other dishes like Dolsot Bibimbab, Sundubu Jigae and the lunch box. 

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