Tuesday 16 May 2017

For the Memory [Bandung]

I won't write an extensive review on my trip to Bandung. Just a simple memento for me to reflect in the future ❤

I realized I never properly thanked Nazli for allowing me to go to Bandung with Ika; without him. That's a very amazing thing to do (in my opinion) because I can't say that I'll allow him to go have fun without me! 👱

Our first agenda, the Trans Studio, an indoor theme park. We spent a good few hours there. A little tip though, just queue for the roller coaster when you got in because we missed the chance since it was raining later in the day (half outdoor roller coaster).  We screamed out hearts out at the rumah hantu, too!

Mie Ayam
One of the reason I kept visiting Indonesia; the food. Especially the noodles!

 The next day, we had the supir to bring us around. 

Tangkuban Perahu
We definitely ate a lot at the Floating Market. This is just the appetizer. LOL

Nearly skipped Kampung Daun because of the negative review I read. Some people said that they overcharged and the service was slow. But for me, the place was amazing! I don't mind paying extra for the view and ambiance. The food was good. It felt like we were eating in a well-maintained woodland with waterfall, gazebo and all.

What's Bandung without a visit to the ever famous Kartika Sari? Bought a LOT of brownies. The staff will packed em in boxes for you.  They don't have samples tho. So you just need to trust your instinct when buying or just asked them for the bestsellers. Hahaha 

The outlets are scattered across Bandung but there's none at the airport. Take note! 

Personally though, I prefer Amanda's steamed brownies. 

My favorite purchase at Pasar Baru. I bought this fineeeeee piece at D'Fashion Textile & Tailor. If I'm not mistaken it was Rp400,000 per meter. Bidang 60 okay. So cheap compared to Jakel 😔

Also loveeee this kebaya with sarong 💓

Sim Card
Upon arrival, we asked the information counter for places to buy sim card. She pointed us towards the money changer across the street. They were selling SimPATI sim card [which is the best they said] for IDR150,000 which I felt a tad expensive. So we went to Yomart behind the building and got the exact same simcard for IDR50,000+. 

Supir or Grab
We only opted for a one day service from Hayukka Bandoeng. Our Supir fetch us at 8am and sent us back at 9pm. For 13 hours of service, we were only charged IDR390,000 (not including entrance fee, meal and parking fees). I would recommend contracting supir for your relatively far journey. Other than that, it would be cheaper to use Grab.

I love Indonesian spa. It's soooo cheap. We went for a spa package at Everyday Balinese Spa. We paid Rp250,000 for a 2 1/2 hours treatment. Body massage, body scrub and all.

Definitely would love to visit Bandung again in a few years! 

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