Tuesday 16 May 2017

Polar Replacement Watch Strap in Malaysia

I've bought Polar FT7 a few years back. It's a fitness tracker that will monitor your heartbeat, calories burned etc

It has been kept in a box for a good 2 years before I'm all fat now and decided to get back in shape. 

Ladies and gentleman, after 4 years, the watch strap finally gave up on me and crumbled. 
I mean, literally CRUMBLED. 

I know it has been stored for so long - my mom's theory 'anything you kept for so long, will be damaged; be it shoes, handbags' appears to be true once again.

I've sent the watch to a few shops and I always got back the same answer. I need to sent it back to the authorized store *sigh*

Apparently, Polar authorized store at Jaya One has been closed for a few years now and the next closest store would be in Singapore. 

A store in Australia sell those straps for 20 AUD but they only delivers locally. Urghhh..

Options at the Australian store. The black and red one looks soooo nice! 

At last, I found a local store that would take in the watch and get em fixed for RM300. Are you crazy? Might as well buy a new watch with that price tag. I bought the watch for RM400+ if I'm not mistaken.

So I went to the next best thing, China counterfeit products. LOL. You see, the crucial part of the watch are the watch itself (the strap is interchangeable) and the heart rate transmitter. The watch strap is not as important 😂

So I went to Lazada, and found some China made watch strap that would be suitable with my Polar model. 

Guess how much I paid?
RM20, including shipping fees all the way from China!

Say whaaaaaaaat.

Simple black silicone strap. They don't have the stripes like the original straps and they are less sturdy; a little bit flimsy but I'm happy with it!

Now I can use my polar!

Planning to get FitBit next!

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