Saturday 3 November 2018

MBA UiTM : First Semester Pulse Check

Halfway through the first semester and things are going great so far  😁
Just wanna share snippets of my #MBAJourney

Demographic (AA701 1A)
  • 12 students aged between 26 to late 30s
  • Diverse academic background (engineering, actuarial science, corporate admin, biotech etc)
  • Professional experience : working in private companies, government sector, businesswoman,  on a career break - we had it all :D

Course Structure

  • Modular system, each subject lasted for about 6 weeks including lecture, presentation, test and final exam. We didn't get to experience answering exams in proper exam halls tho.
  • Officially, the class schedule  : Saturday (9 to 1) and Sunday (2 to 6). Depending on the lecturer, some prefer to combine the classes to become one full day of lecture.
  • We do have a slightly longer semester break compared to other students as we don't observe the study week / mid sem break. For us, it's back to back classes for 3-4 months. 

Course Structure for MBA program

Fee for the first semester is RM4,488

From the portal : Total fees for MBA program

However, I had a suspicion that it'll be more than RM20,000. Reason being, there are many other miscellaneous fees unaccounted for. Refer to the detailed fee information below;

I'm paying the fees using my EPF account. Applied for education withdrawal online (EPF's website), got a confirmation SMS, went to EPF branch to authenticate thumbprint and voila. Settle! 

  • Will do a comprehensive summary of the first semester in December
  • Time management is super important as you need to attend lectures, prepare for presentation/assignments,  and study for the exam all in 6 weeks. To complete the whole syllabus. But this fast-paced environment is all I lived for 😎
  • It has been hectic. But worthwhile 


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