Tuesday 27 November 2018

#MakanReview : Meat Point, TTDI

Truth be told, I've been meaning to visit this place for about 2 years now 😖

Just so happened, I went to meet a friend at TTDI and this was right down the corner.

Me and N were lucky to have gotten seat right away. 10 minutes later, the restaurant was packed, and people are lining to get a seat.

Here, you can choose your own cut of meat/salmon at the chiller (Prices clearly stated on the air sealed packets).

We ordered scallops as our appetizer.

Scallops in creamy garlic white sauce with sauteed vegetables

Them scallops were juicy but there ..... was ...... a ......... hair in the plate!
Such a let down.
Asked for a new one, and they complied. [No apologies whatsoever]

The broccoli served were old, too.  You can tell from the texture and colour.

Next, we had the chicken chop.

The chicken was very big and juicy. However, they were a bit stingy with the mushroom sauce. So disappointing since the sauce actually tasted good.

2 dishes in, and we still haven't got our ice water.
By then, I was getting frustrated with everything 👀

Then my steak came.

The gravy was very good. The meat was a tad bland (I choose the signature rub). Waffle fries was stale and too salty. 

In conclusion, nothing blew my mind and the prices were not justified (IMHO).

Didn't see myself coming again.

Overall rating 2.5/5

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