Sunday 11 November 2018

Saying Goodbye to Sime Darby

I joined Sime Darby as a Management Trainee back in September 2014 [Story here].

This company will always hold a special place in my heart, being the first company I joined post graduation. 

To be perfectly honest, I chose to join Sime Darby for two reasons;
  • Across GLCs, they offered the most in terms of salary and benefits for fresh graduates 
  • The requirement for the Management Trainee program were quite high (and I'm intrigued)
The basic requirements are; 3.5 GPA, active in co-curricular, good command of English etc
And the assessment center was no joke.

Safe to say, the MTs were among the most passionate people I've known. 
4 years in, and never once I regretted joining the Sime Darby family. 

I was also very lucky to have experienced working in several Divisions; Property, Plantation, Industrial and Head Office. It was an experienced I could't gained elsewhere.

To top it off, I got the opportunity to report directly to the Head of Risk and CRO. It was quite overwhelming at first, but these experiences shaped me to become the person I am today.

It is with a very heavy heart that I bid goodbye to the brilliant people and the company that has groomed me. 

I could attest that Sime Darby is definitely one of the best organization to work in. 

A special mention;

  • Glenn Daly, Head of Group Risk Management : Thank you for accepting me into the team and trusting me to take over the job scope of a Senior Manager. That steep learning curve really toughen me up and mould my personality
  • Gajani Rajah, Chief Risk Officer : The best boss one could ever asked for. Thank you for the push for me to grow. Thank you for all the career advice and I really hope we'll cross path again
  • Richard Ong, Kak Suraya, Kak Balqis : you guys really made my days at Sime more enjoyable

Who knows maybe I'll be back in Sime after 2 years :D

The girls of Group Risk Management 
Management Trainee program in Singapore
Bidding goodbye to the former Head of Group Risk; Glenn
Sime's Raya Open House
Risk Management team at Sime Plantation with the CRO, Gajani

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