Saturday 1 December 2018

Anniversary Trip : Bangkok [Food]

A list of the amazing food we had in Bangkok.

Saman Islam, Chatuchak
Really amazing pad thai! The place can be super crowded and you'll have to wait for a while. The other dishes can be a hit or miss but the portions are big and they are generally tasty. 
Rating : 4/5

Coco JJ, Chatuchak
You can find a handful of ice cream vendors in Chatuchak but my all time favorite is this vendor right in front of the train station entrance.
Rating : 5/5

Pulut Mangga, Ok Tok Kor 
THE place to find fresh produce from all over Thailand. Some of the highest quality mangoes can be found here.
Rating : 4/5

Usman Thai, Sukhumvit
My number one go-to. Guaranty sedap!! Ox tail soup was probably the best I ever had in my entire life. Pulut mangga, also amazing. The shrimp patty, you can tell it's made of fresh shrimps.  And oh they also deliver to your hotel (service charge 130Baht). 
Rating : 5/5

Busaba, Thanon Nakhon Chai Si
This place is a little bit out of town (not that far actually). They sell roasted duck. It was love at first bite for us. We bought a sealed roasted duck to bring back to my mom, then we tapau the roasted duck rice somemore. It was so good!!!
Rating : 5/5

Breakfast in Bed
For the 3 mornings we were in Bangkok, the AirBnB owner sent homemade food right at our doorsteps. And they were amazing!!! They looked deceptively simple and small portioned. But every single time, we were pleasantly surprised. And full! [Pardon the bad lighting; it was romantically dimmed. LOL]

Freshly fried 'fat' spring roll (the veges inside were brimming) with peanut sweet sour sauce and Thai ice tea 

Hot jasmine rice with thai omelette and orange juice

Fried Thai soft tofu and orange juice

Let's visit Bangkok again, shall we? 😋

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