Sunday 16 December 2018

MBA UiTM : First Semester Review

September - December 2018.
On one end, it felt like ages. But on the other, it went by in a blink.

MGT700 : Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
  • Lecturer : Dr Norazida Mohamed
  • Personally, this module was quite easy for me as this used to be my bread and butter
  • We learnt about budgeting, activity-based costing, financial statement analysis and financial ratios. Dr Norazida approached the subject brilliantly, ensuring non-accounting students were able to grasp the concept as well

ACC720 : Organizational Behavior
  • Lecturer : Professor Dr Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir
  • This was when pressure started to build-up 😂
  • A huge chunk of the carry marks came from one single individual presentation (30%) where we need to come up with a new model to manage OB issues in any company (preferably own companies). The proposed model must not be something from books / journal / article. So you are forced to contribute a new approach.
  • Another major assignment was to write an article that would be fit for publication; in terms of content and format. Yup, all in 6 weeks. 
Individual Presentation on Organisational Health Index (OHI)

Paired up with N for the article. My oh my, we finalized the write up while we were on a holiday in Chiang Mai 😂

HRM730 : Human Resource Management
  • Lecturer : Professor Dr Roshidi Hassan
  • I felt this was one of the most interesting classes we had this semester.
  • Each of us was given a chapter to present and mine was Employment Laws and Cases. On top of that, we had to write an academic paper and share some of HR aspects of any top company.
  • Dr Roshidi also gave us an option to organise a CSR project which will earn us up to 10% extra marks. Naturally, all of us agreed 😁
 I really learnt how to make a 'dry 'topic interesting  😂

And yup! Presented on Sime Darby (again!)

The topic for individual paper write up was given by the lecturer. I believe he wanted to prepare us for the final thesis

Right after our final exam in the morning, we went to Pusat Jagaan Mahligai Kasih Zadut Taqwa at Section 13, Shah Alam for our CSR project where we did some activities on mathematics, history of Islam and English.

That's a wrap for the first semester! One down. Three more to go.

Exam results will be released on 15th February 2019. 

Looking forward to the second semester! 

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