Tuesday 18 December 2018

Leap of Faith, Saying Hi to the Banking Industry

My ex Chief Risk Officer (CRO) always said; "If you want to focus on risk management it is always better to join the banking industry". My other CRO on the other hand were not convinced that I will be comfortable in this highly regulated industry 😂

But I knew I'll beat myself up if I don't actually experienced it for myself. Which was why when the opportunity appeared, I quickly grabbed it. 

I joined a Development Financial Institution (DFI), which is different from commercial banks (such as Maybank, CIMB etc). DFI is basically a bank established by the government with specific mandate to develop/promote strategic industries of the economy. 

Examples of DFIs are Agrobank, BSN, SME Bank, Tabung Haji, MIDF etc

Although I was super happy at Sime, I choose to take the opportunity because;
  • I wanted to try something new while I'm young. New organisation, new industry
  • Long term career growth. I was just promoted in Sime and it's gonna take a while before I'm climbing the career ladder again. My new company in the meantime, offered me a position two grades higher than my current one
  • They offered a handsome compensation package, repaid my certification bond with Sime (for my Associate Business Continuity Professional qualification) and buy out my notice period.
Anyone in my position would take the opportunity without thinking twice, I would say.

So here I am, nearly 2 months in. Still trying to adapt. 

The culture is definitely different, coming from MNC environment such as Sime Darby. 
There's a 'family vibe' to the organisation, not as formal as I thought it would be.
And yes, it is highly highly regulated to a point "if it's not required by Bank Negara, why do it?".

In the 2 months I'm here I've attended 2 external training. That's a huge plus (yeay) compared to Sime where I almost never attended any training. 

But yeah, every organization have it's pros and cons.

It seems like my CRO was right. You'll have to take a guess which CRO I'm referring to 😂

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