Monday 5 August 2013

Personality Test

Being a self-proclaimed narcissist [I blamed the social media for this] I love to know about myself more.
It is only the right thing to do, kan?
After all, life is a journey to know oneself better.

One question that everyone should be able to answer is
"Who is _________________" - put your name here.
Imagine being asked in an important interview,
"Tell me who is Siti Eva. Who is she?"

Don't bother telling the interviewer your age, address, interests, etc.
Tell them who you really are.
Deep inside.
What moves you.
How you handle situation.

One of the things you could do in the quest of knowing yourself better is to sit for a simple EQ test. (emotional quotient)
Alhamdulillah, during one of Yayasan Khazanah's event I had the chance to sit for one. 

True to it's purpose, I learn a lot about myself.
Things that you knew, but never realized until it is printed in black and white, smacked onto your face.

And the result.....

I scored low on 'I' and 'D'.
Go figure!!
No surprise there.

Nampak tak what I'm not?

I am not aggressive.
Not outgoing.
Not persuasive.
Hence, should not be in sales business.

According to the report, I am one of the CS/D people.

I am quite reserved.
Envy weyh dengan orang yang outgoing.
Anyhow, I scored highly on C.

Systematic, detailed, organized.
Well, that spell Eva. 

Sangat membantu kan?
You can include the 'natural style' section in your resume.
In fact, an officer also recommend to attach this alongside your CV if it fits the job description.

For me, if I want to apply for jobs in Accounting; sangat fitting lah nak attached this.

'... generally tend to avoid confrontation...'
'.... others tend to perceive them as aloof perfectionist ....'

Now I know myself a little bit better.

*Kenyit mata*

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