Tuesday 13 August 2019

Fukuoka & Beppu : Accommodation Review

Beppu Daiiti Hotel, 3D 2N, RM530

I would really, really recommend this hotel if you're visiting Beppu. Fairly new  hotel, comfortable, clean and decently priced for Japanese standards (we got RM50 discount from Traveloka).

It's only 100m away from Beppu Station so convenience wise, excellent!!

All pictures are taken from Booking.com and/or Airbnb

They had vending machines and laundry bar on the 2nd floor. Coffee and lemon water are available 24-7 at the lobby. They also had maps of attractions etc. Great wi-fi. And oh, they provided yukata as well. I just could not find any fault!

Though they are literally opposite the Beppu Station, we had no issues whatsoever with noise. So, final rating? 5/5 !!

Coco Fukuoka Chiyo, 3D 2N, RM715

This is a fairly old building near Hakata Station (very well maintained, tho).

Close proximity to Hakata Station (the red blob on bottom right)
To be honest, this was not our first choice. I made the reservations quite late (read : very late) so many of other places are fully booked as our trip coincides with the Summer Festival in Fukuoka.

Nevertheless, I would say that N loves this place better than Beppu Daitii. Hahaha

Here, we got the whole studio apartment to ourselves. Complete with kitchenette and washing machine. 

Yup, we got the 2 single bed room 😂

The location was great as it was within walking distance to the subway and there's a bus stop right in front of the apartment. My only grip is, it has the 'old building smell'. You know what I mean? It was clean and everything, no doubt. But the old building scent is there, in the background.. Hahaha

My overall rating : 4.5/5.

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