Monday 12 August 2019

Fukuoka & Beppu : Itinerary [Day 3, 4 & 5]

Day 3
  • Early morning journey to Fukuoka via sonic train. It would be amazing to be on the shinkansen (bullet train) but it does not cover the Beppu-Hakata route. 
  • Tickets were purchased online; 2 weeks prior at
  • We opted for the green car (first class). Funny thing here (well, for me at least), if you bought the ticket, it does not necessarily mean you are confirmed a spot on the train. You would have to buy a ticket PLUS reserve the seat which cost extra 😂
  • The train journey took 2 hours, exactly the same if you took the bus. Only it cost twice as much. LOL But no regret there as we wanted to experience everything.

  • FYI, Fukuoka is definitely different from Beppu. It is bustling, compared to a more laid back atmosphere of Beppu.
  • At Hakata Station, we kept our luggage and visited the information counter to buy tourist pass.
  • Lunch at Hakata Toyo Ichi
They had an amazing array of fresh sushi, only 100 yen each!
  • Next we visited Tenjin, perhaps the area with biggest concentration of shops 😂 A little bit of window shopping at Don Quijote, Bic Camera etc
Other than miniature cars, N was most excited about this

Acros Fukuoka
  • We had the Souffle Pancake at Tenjin Core
  • Hard Rock Cafe nearby Hakata Station, at the second floor of JRJP Hakata Building
These are only RM60+ each. Thank God 😅 I could not fathom how the HRC magnet in Phuket, Thailand was sold for nearly RM150
  • In the evening, we checked into our AirBnb.

  • At night, we went to another branch of Don Quijote. I guess it's good to visit different branches as they had different promotions going on. Basically, Don Quijote is a discount store that sells everything and you are eligible to claim for tax refund if you spent at least 5,000 yen.
  • We bought souvenirs for our office colleagues here. Such a bargain!!
We bought nearly 40 of this halal treats. At a bargain, if I may add!

Day 4
  • Woke up to a very hot morning in Fukuoka but the journey must go on 😋

  • Our first stop of the day, Canal City
  • Then we head back to Tenjin for a taste of Luke's Lobster. It occupies a small space at Parco Fukuoka, just by the roadside.
Source : Fukuoka Now
  • We did most of our shopping in Tenjin (Well, I did 😅)
What caught my eye

What caught his. Hahaha
  • Believe it or not, we barely made it to our 6pm reservations at Motsunabe Kiwamiya (please book in advance via their FB page) because we shopped so much 😂
  • We were contemplating if we should visit Fukuoka Tower as it was already 8pm. Glad that we did!

Day 5
  • Checkout at 5.45am
  • To airport via taxi (AirBnb host booked the taxi a day earlier)
  • So our flight back to KL was at 7.30am and guess what? The airport only operates from 6.30am onwards 😂
  • Oh there was only 1 flight daily from Fukuoka to KL and it's at 7.30am 
  • While we were at the airport, we did some more shopping especially at the Royce counter 💖
  • So that's it. That's how we spent our 5 days in Japan for my boo's birthday.

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