Saturday 10 August 2019

Fukuoka & Beppu : Halal Food

I'm gonna start the Fukuoka / Beppu blog series with food. (of course!) 😋

AirAsia just launched the KL-Fukuoka route earlier this year and the review for Halal food is quite limited at the moment. Hoping this will help some of you in planning your trip!

Ittoryu Ramen, Beppu
They only offer few food choices but hey, they specialized in ramen. For your info, they also sell non halal ramen but they do have separate utensils, and cooking area for halal food. 

Aka Ramen (spicy broth)

Both are really good! But we love Aka Ramen juuuust a tad more.

Jidoriya, Beppu
The traditional food of Beppu is Toriten which is tempura fried chicken, so obviously we have to try em. To be honest, I was not sold of the idea initially. Like, tempura chicken? Sounds so foreign to me,  this uncultured lady 😂 But oh my God, so good!! Crunchy exterior with juicy chicken. Just.. so.. good!!

Siesta Organic Cafe, Yufuin

In Yufuin, I don't see any halal restaurant but there are many other options, fret not. So we opted to have lunch at an organic/vegan cafe upon recommendation from the internet. It's a quaint cafe, which is a perfect fit for the small town. 

They have 4 vegetarian options

We ordered vegetable soy karage with rice and Japanese style fried soy meat with seasonal vegetable dishes. You really could have been fooled by the soy-meat! They actually tasted like chicken (albeit with a slightly different texture).

Motsunabe Kiwamiya, NIshijin, Fukuoka
Literally a few steps away from Nishijin station, motsunabe translates to 'internal organ hot pot', and apparently it's one of the staple dishes in Japan. This place offered halal version of it. Be mindful tho, they also serve non halal food but as always, there have separate kitchen and utensils for halal food. 

It doesn't look like much, but I swear it was so good! I'm shocked really because it was full of flavor. So at first, you're supposed to cook them in broth and eat on its own. But being the Malay that we are, we ordered rice to eat it with. At the end, when the soup is nearly finished, you have the option to add in rice / noodles to be cooked (by the waiter) and you can finished up all the soaked goodness of porridge/noodle soup. A must visit, I would say!

We also ordered beef steak which was served on a sizzling plate (so you could continue to cook the beef).

Hakata Toyo Ichi, Bayside Place, Hakata Port, Fukuoka
At Hakata Port, there's a building named Bayside Place and at the grocery store, there's this gem. Be warned tho, it's packed during lunch.

This place seems to be popular due to its fresh food and pocket friendly price. So this is a Muslim friendly place since they don't sell any poultry; only seafood. And their sushi rice doesn't contain  sake /alcohol. Their shoyu is not halal tho. Don't forget that! We had our dishes sans the shoyu but still, everything tasted so good. And their array of fresh sushi only cost 100 yen each! I'm giving this place 5 stars, and so far this is the place we missed the most. 

My bowl of sashimi and rice. Extremely fresh!

Luke's Lobster, Tenjin, Fukuoka
There are 10 branches of Luke's Lobster in Japan; and thankfully one just opened in Fukuoka a few months prior to our visit. We went for the US size lobster roll! Warm, toasty bread paired with juicy, cold lobster salad on top.

The Gram, Tenjin, Fukuoka
The Gram is Muslim friendly since their souffle pancake is made of eggs, milk, vanilla extract, flour, butter and powdered sugar. They only served  the pancake 3 times a day; 20 servings at any one time.

It's freaking good!! Gonna try this fuwa-fuwa pancake in Malaysia as well (heard there is a great place in Happy Garden). 

So that's where we ate; minus all the convenience stores of course 😋
Hope it helps!

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