Wednesday 14 August 2019

Fukuoka & Beppu : Budget Breakdown

Flight Ticket : RM330 per person (+ additional baggage, in-flight meal and seat allocation)

Travel insurance : RM30 per person (AXA)

Klook Pocket Wifi : RM70

Accommodation : RM1,200
  • Beppu - Beppu Daitii  RM480
  • Fukuoka - Airbnb RM720

Transportation (RM1,310)
  • Highway Bus to Beppu - RM250
  • 2 days Beppu bus pass - RM190 
  • Sonic train to Fukuoka - RM520
  • 2 days Fukuoka bus pass - RM130 
  • Taxi in Japan - RM120
  • Bus in Japan - RM25
  • ERL - RM40
  • Parking at Putrajaya Sentral - RM35

Food : RM1,000
  • Kombini / vending machine : RM200
  • Ittoryu Ramen - RM50
  • Jidoriya - RM100
  • Siesta Vegetarian Cafe - RM80
  • Dessert at Yufuin Street - RM60
  • Hakata Toyo Ichi Sushi - RM130
  • Gram Souffle Pancake - RM60
  • Luke Lobster - RM130
  • Motsunabe Halal Kiwamiya - RM200

Activity : RM380
  • Entrance Fee to Hells of Beppu - RM90
  • Private Onsen - RM90
  • Beppu Ropeway - RM110
  • Fukuoka Tower - RM90

The great thing about Japan is, there are a lot of interesting free activities for you to do. Even if there is entrance fee, they are fairly affordable.

The bulk of our expenses were spent on accommodation, transport and food. I think for such an 'expensive country', spending RM1,000 on food for 5 days is justified. That comes down to RM100 per day, per person. And with all the good food that we've had, I really really have no complaints!

Total : RM4,610 [RM2,300 per pax] not including shopping (I bought a lot of skincare and makeup).

Of course, the budget would depends on your choices of flight, food and accommodation.

Really, rezeki sangat dapat return ticket priced at RM230 (base price). To Japan, no less.
So that's the end of our Fukuoka Beppu trip.

Would I want to visit em again? Yes!! Especially Yufuin. Will stay longer in Yufuin next time and maybe during winter?

One day, insyaAllah. 

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