Monday 31 August 2020

#BabyMoon : Afternoon Tea at the Orchid Conservatory

Google afternoon tea / high tea in KL and this place would definitely pops up. You can choose from the 3 venues available at the Majestic Hotel; the Colonial Cafe, the Drawing Room and the Orchid Conservatory. The most sought after venue is the Orchid Conservatory which only accepts patron above the age of 18 (similar to the Drawing Room). 

The rate is also different according to the venue ; 
  • Colonial Cafe - RM70 nett per person
  • Drawing Room - RM90 nett per person
  • Orchid Conservatory - RM120 nett per person

You'll get the same spread consisting of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and a selection of decadent cake, pastries and savouries. The difference in price is only due to the venue.

The Majestic Afternoon Tea is available every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) with two sessions daily. The first session is at 12.00pm - 2.30pm; while the second session is at 3.00pm - 6.00pm. Also, remember to reserve your place early as it's always fully booked!

So we book ourselves some seat (3 weeks earlier) and we chose the Orchid Conservatory experience, noon slot (right after we checked out of the room). FYI, there are only 6 tables available per slot!

Upon arrival, you had to choose from their selections of tea. And they'll brew the tea for you. I chose Strawberry Mango while N sticks with English tea.  The scones, they're so good!! The pastries can be hit and miss, though.

The savoury selection. The quiche and puff pastry were good! Their version of the scotch egg (I think) was not.

The room was well ventilated with AC despite having natural lighting. So if it's raining, I reckon it will look a bit gloomy inside the Orchid room. 

It is a great experience. Highly recommend it!!

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