Wednesday 5 August 2020

Review of EZ Qurban

Penning down my experience with EZ Qurban for your reference. So EZ Qurban offers the service to do Korban / Aqiqah for you in foreign countries. The main reason? It's cheaper over there. They have presence / representative in 35 developing countries including Cambodia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali and Palestine. 

It is highly encouraged for Muslims to sacrifice 1 part of a cow during Aidil Adha. Locally, the average price for 1 part is RM700. In comparison, through EZ Qurban, it only cost RM290. The company quoted the cheaper cost of poultry in the developing countries that contributes to the lower price. To sacrifice a cow in Malaysia (7 parts) it would cost RM4,900 but with EZ Qurban, it's only RM2,030.

So, the process.

The registration process is done online on its website :

Upon registering, you have to choose the category (Korban biasa / Korban nazar / Aqiqah) and made the payment accordingly. Within a day, the officer will call and confirm your details. A receipt will also be generated via email and if your registration is successful, you'll receive a notification via email and SMS. 

For 2020, we engaged them for Korban (nazar) and Korban Aidil Adha. Difference between the two is Korban Nazar can be done at any time, unlike Korban Aidil Adha. 

For Korban Nazar, we got the report a day after they conducted it in Telok Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia [You can't choose the country for the Korban to be performed as the admin will determine the country based on the needs]. We also got the softcopy picture as well as the video 'evidence' via email. 

I chose Korban Aidil Adha for myself, and it was done in Bangladesh. For Korban Aidil Adha, due to the sheer number of participants, they will not send the pictures individually. However, the pictures are shared on their FB page. The certificate and the location details of the Korban are also available on their website when you check for your status in 'Semakan' tab. 

I would highly recommend their service 👍. Trustworthy, value for money and easy to deal with. 

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