Wednesday 26 August 2020

#ProductReview : Bird's Nest by Halal Chinese Confinement Food

I knew how beneficial bird's nest is to one's health and wellbeing but the fact that most of the instant bird's nest drinks on the market are loaded with sugar (and not to mention contains very LITTLE of actual bird's nest), always made me think twice before actually buying em. That's until I came across Halal Chinese Confinement Food (HCCF) on Instagram. 

They are selling many products including confinement meals, lactation cookies/brownies, bird's nest drinks, red dates drinks and various types of dumplings. What I'm focusing on today is their instant bird's nest drink. 

Why I'm attracted to their Bird's Nest Drink?

  • 100% pure natural ingredients (no preservatives and stabilizers)
  • Low in sugar (less than 4g of sugar in each bottle)'
  • They are super transparent about their bird's nest content. Each bottle contains 1.2g of dry bird's nest and they usually expand 15-20 times. Which makes the total bird's nest content in each bottle is at least 30%.
  • Beautiful packaging!
So you can get the bird's nest in a box (6 bottles) or a carton (36 bottles).

I bought a box of the bird's nest drink to sample both variations of the drinks; rock sugar and honeycomb sugar.

Look how pretty!!!!

The benefits of these drinks are as follows;
  • Stimulate cell growth and reproduction
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Restoring fine complexion and youthfulness, thus slowing down the ageing process
  • Contributes to neurological and intellectual development in infants
I kept them in the fridge and had a bottle first thing in the morning. And I love them so much! I've finished all my 6 bottles and already ordered a carton to drink during my confinement next month! 

Price-wise, it is a bit up there compared to those drinks you can easily find on the market. But with the quality, you really get your money's worth.  

The bird's nest box is sold for RM218 [RM36.3 per bottle or RM0.61 per ml]
The bird's nest carton is sold for RM1000[RM27.7 per bottle or RM0.46 per ml]
So evidently, the more you buy, the cheaper it will be.

For the bird's nest carton, you have the option to mix the flavour or choose a single flavour (I chose the honeycomb sugar variation). 

But for this whole month, they are offering 10% discount!
Definitely not to be missed!

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