Tuesday 18 August 2020

#Pregnancy : Antenatal Class(es)

Apart from buying pregnancy and parenting book, I've also joined several antenatal classes which really helps a lot especially for a first-time mother like me. 

Antenatal Class (Andorra)
Fee : RM100 per couple (for patients) or RM200 per couple (for non-patients)
Location : Pulse Grande Hotel Putrajaya
Payment Includes : Theory and practical classes, meals (breakfast, lunch and tea), lucky draw and gift bag.

The highlight of the class (for me) was the session by Dr Asmiati and Pn Jasmeen. Dr Asmiati explained the common neonatal problems, what you should do if you notice any health issues with your babies for the first few months; when you should worry and when you shouldn’t.  Pn Jasmeen led the breastfeeding slot. Honestly, the session was too short (this is a topic close to my heart) but she’s so good. It was entertaining yet a lot of salient information was shared. And oh the CPR class was also very helpful! If you haven’t gone to any antenatal classes this could be a venue for you to learn more about pregnancy and childbirth. As I’ve attended several other classes, I would say the only new knowledge I gained was from Dr Asmiati’s session and also the CPR class. 

After lunch, we had a session on birthing technique. The slot lasted for about 3 hours. For the earlier parts of the session (theoretical), they should have let the parents sit on the chair (especially as the classes is only opened to mothers who are at least 28 weeks pregnant). Instead, they have removed all the chairs and table after lunch, asking the parents to sit on the yoga mat for the whole 3 hours. It was very uncomfortable. 

Then there was the lucky draw session. We got a night lamp. Yeayy!! Rezeki anak. Both me and Nazli  had hardly won any lucky draw, ever. Hahaha

Parentcraft Online Class (Motherhood)
Fee : RM50
Location : FB Private Group
Payment Includes : Classes and gift box (posted to my house)

The videos are available on the private FB group. Among topics discussed includes nutrition while pregnant, delivery process, antenatal exercise and breastfeeding.

Kelas Bersalin Tenang (Eja Confinement Helper)
Fee : RM100
Location : FB Private Group and WhatsApp Group
Payment Includes : Online classes, Whatsapp support group for up until giving birth, then switch to Telegram postnatal support group

Heard so many good reviews and I decided to join her class. No regret! Even if you don't join her class, you can find many helpful tips on her iG page. The aim of her class is for you to give birth (and go through confinement) calmly. And the key to that? Knowledge and tawakal. Can't really recommend her enough!! She's so interactive both during FB Live sessions and in the Whatsapp group.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop (Dr Nurhaya)
Fee : RM99
Location : FB Private Group 
Payment Includes : Online classes and e-book

For those with zero breastfeeding knowledge, this class is very helpful as it covers the basics. Among the topics shared were the importance of breastfeeding, the biology of breast milk, latching techniques, baby’s needs and the issues you may face while breastfeeding. The e-book is clear and helpful. However, after a month you’ll be removed from the FB private group so it’s better for you to quickly catch up with the FB videos. 

Working Mom and Breastfeeding (Dr Nurhaya)
Fee : RM99
Location : FB Private Group 
Payment Includes : Online classes and breast pump measurement kit (posted to my house)

Honestly, I’ve learnt a LOT from this class. Though it was supposed to be from 4th – 12th August, your membership in the FB private group is permanent and the Live FB videos are saved there. So, I can always refer to the videos from time to time (usually the live session is conducted during office hours). So far there have been 8 modules, covering topics like how to choose your breast pump and your breast shield size, introducing milk bottle to your baby and preparation to send your baby to the nanny. This group is highly, highly recommended for working moms!

Breastfeeding Class (Nad Masrom)
Fee : RM79
Location : FB Private Group and Website
Payment Includes : Online classes and e-books

There are 14 modules in the program, each module lasted for about 30-50 minutes. The video for each module is available on the website which you'll get access to once you've made the payment. The e-books were also very helpful (and interesting!).  The topics covered are shown below;

I slightly like this class better as it's more fast-paced. And I felt like it covered a bit more topics compared to Dr Nurhaya's class.

So if I had to recommend antenatal classes to others, I'll definitely choose Kelas Bersalin Tenang, Dr Nurhaya (Working Mom module) and Nad Masrom's class 💓

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