Tuesday 20 November 2012

Let's Get Personal

Here comes the reason why i privatized this blog. The touchy-feeling stuff.

Happiness is a very peculiar subject. People find happiness in different places. Some found it in their family, friends, loved ones, pets and even in their job. Being happy is like the ultimate goal, ain't it? Thousand of books have been written on how to be happy. Is it really that difficult to be happy? Our ancestors, nana, grandpa; they did not need the self-help books to live a happy, fulfilling lives.

In my case, yeah. Happiness is very difficult to come by, per say. This very thought has knocked me in the head few weeks back. It's a wake up call I guess.

I alone know what I've been through, the mistakes I made, the regret I felt. Having good news, but no one to share it with. It's heart breaking, really.

People judge, without fail. I know all the motivation quotes out there; about not giving crap on what other's say. Let me tell ya. It's all a lie. You will fall. You forced yourself back up just to be tripped over by others. In the end, you only have yourself to rely on, to share the sappy moment with. Yeah, you do look okay from the outside. But inside, you can feel something's missing.

How does people sees me? They do not know my story. Those who knew seems pretty happy to condemn me all the way. Knowing my weakness, some took advantage. How freaking awesome was that? yay!!

I rise through it all. You have no idea how words hurt. It hurts even more when it's made public.
You have no idea.
Just .. None.

Be careful on what you say to others. Be careful.

It's not even the point of my story, yet it took such a long post. Next time maybe.


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