Friday 2 November 2012

EY Offer Letter

Hello November! 

Be good ya!

Here comes another weekend. Oh how fast time flies.
I am alone, yet again.
Wonder if I should just go somewhere, just to chill.
Cherating, maybe?
But again, it's the raining season.

So earlier today, I met up with my supervisor and after that decided to cook.
Same old, same old.
Spaghetti. My favorite and perhaps the easiest dish to make.
My problem is, I did not know how to shop for one person.
I always end up cooking for what looks like a family meal.
So yeah.. I'm very full right now. Alhamdulillah.

Catching up.
I do not mean friends. I meant movie.

This past few days has been a movie marathon. Though not back to back (due to the humongous workloads). I was just catching up with those movies that I should have watched a long time ago. Bourne Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Oceans Trilogy; just to name a few. Have to make full use of the little moment left before internship, no?

Speaking of it, EY has sent the offer letter.
So I guess it's official.
And just now DFK Folks called to set for an interview. Should I go, should I not go? Haven't made up my mind yet. 

I decided to tell my mom about EY. So I started the conversation with the history of Big 4, bla bla bla.. And mid way through, she guessed it right.  "Nak bagitahu dapat Big 4 la tu?" Haha. You got it right, mom.

Other than that, the workload  here is escalating quickly. Mid term week is coming soon. FYP data collection is due Monday. Integrated Case Study is to be presented on Monday, also. Not to forget the case study for Accounting Theory and Forensic Accounting.. Ummm.. Nyummy! The life of a student.

Ciao! Going to continue my data collection.

The line of insanity, love and revenge are parallel. 

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