Wednesday 7 November 2012

Crazy Sleep Schedule

My life is upside down now, apparent from my crazy sleep schedule. It's not like I'm THAT busy. It's just my sleeping pattern decided to stray and went haywire.
One day I'm wide awake till 5, the next day I'm crawling to my bed at 9. And it goes on for weeks. Zombie, much?

So everyone is pretty rattled about internships. Why not? It's important. While most aims for the Big 4, some prefer small medium sized audit firms. Me myself is in dilemma. 

Also, yesterday my group presented for the case study which by the way is a big disappointment. I'm pretty much frustrated with myself. Pffttt.. I kid you not , I was in a bad mood earlier today. Because I know we take it for granted, settling with the answers we got from the internet. Lessons learnt!

My plan to go to Kelantan is still in progress.

That's all for now. I'm in class by the way. Hahaha *evil laugh*

OK. Better stop now.

Bye! Ciao!!

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