Monday 26 November 2012

Sweet. Now Sampah.

Most guys have this interesting skills, ya know. They know how to 'talk' to a girl. Let me share a real life example. I had this one classmate, few semesters back. He's kind, soft spoken (so people say). We developed a relationship. A weird one. It's on-off kind of things. His words, oh my God.. The sweetest ever! I was stupid enough to fall for his sweet demeanor. You know? I cooked for him, celebrated his birthday.. 

So the story goes he went quiet for these few months. And I don't even felt the difference. I live just fine. Then yesterday he called me out of the blue, asking for help. He asked to me find tax cases for his assignments and to apply internship for him. Like, for real??!! What the hell! I cannot comprehend how you could even act this way.

One, it's your goddamn assignment, It's a group assignment for God's sake! Go ask your team member.

Second, your internship is your future, my dear.

Thirdly, you should never assume me as your safety net.

Bila susah baru cari. Bravo!!

Another case of sweet turned sampah..
I refused to be used.

Internship Update!!
I got the agreement package from Accenture today. They offered me one day paid leave per month, the allowance is good. How interesting is that? Their office is no longer at KLCC. It's at The Garden. Hahaha.. Far better!! But now I have to convince the Industrial Training Committee about Accenture. 

At the end of the day, I am not sure what I want to do in future. Auditor has lost its appeal for me. I know I should go to the Big Four. Or should I? For one thing, whatever happens, I know I have to serve my bond with Khazanah. So the 6 months in EY will not be of much help though I secure a permanent post. I want to take professional qualification. Accenture is an Accredited ACCA Employer.

Ohmai... Dilemma..


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