Thursday 15 November 2012

ACCA Conference and Internship Updates

Ya ampun.. Lama tertangguh post this time. Asyik kept in draft je. I don't know why I can't upload pictures through iPad. Leciaq sungguh aihhh. 

Last week I went to the 'ACCA - Fellowship of Future Leaders' at Equatorial Bangi. As anticipated Chinese students were the majority and it felt good being in a new environment. The event was beneficial and interesting. 

The HR leaders from the Big 4.. All of 'em..
Some of my group members from the Fantastic Four. We have a whooping 25 members.. Wohooo!!!  
All of the participants. Can you spot me, the one in brown hijab?
And the highlight of the event was .... FIRE EATING!!
We actually ate the fire! All of us! Ya know? Like a circus performer. Awesome weyh!! Basically the mentality is that once we had ate fire, there's nothing we can't achieve. Deep, huh? 

Getting ready... Nervous tak tipu.
Look at the fire for only 2 seconds.. Not more (or you'll freak out)
The aftermath. Pffttt... Gasoline. Yucks!

So all in all, I would like to promote to all. If there's ever a second edition of this event, do go!! You will definitely gain something.

Currently it's the unofficial holiday for Uniten students. Lecturers cancelled their classes for the Deepavali and Awal Muharam holiday. And I stayed. Ouh I stayed all right at Muadzam Shah. Impressed much!
To-Do lists.
The list might as well explained why I stayed. The very next week after the so-called holiday, there will be 4 mid terms. So much win!! *die* So far, so good. I've covered some topics from Forensic Accounting and Accounting Theory. I am well prepared for Integrated Case Study. Not bad, eh? Though I watched movies while I'm revising. Hehehe

And.... Here it is! Heeeee *dancing*
Intern Updates 
When I was at the ACCA Conference, I got a phone call from Colgate-Palmolive. The phone interview went on for 45 minutes. Tough! When I got the offer letter, they are only offering RM600. One must have though they're offering higher allowance since the interview was freaking challenging.

JeffreyCo called to offer a place. It's in Bangsar and offered RM400. So far, it's the lowest allowance I've heard for audit firm.

I thought I was being offered at audit department of RSM RKT (RM800). Apparently, they are switching me to another department. Consultation and taxation. It's very accessible by the public transport, just opposite the Dang Wangi LRT station.

Rabin and Associates offered RM700. It's a 5 minute walk from KLCC.

Also I secured a place at ACT Partner, in Puchong.

SCS Global, Azwan Wong and Cristopher Heng are pending for interviews which I decided not to go. (so far)

What I want to share here is my experience interviewing with Jason Tan & Associates (JTA). It's in Jalan Universiti and owned by a Chinese couple. They were very great to be with. The interview was simple and basic. He asked for the double entry for provision of doubtful debt and the basic accounting equation 'Asset = Liability + Equity'. They offered RM700. If I did not get any offer from the Big 4, this would definitely be my choice. The people's nice. I can sense that Jason just loved me. He even said he'll bring me along to meet client and also help with HR duties because .... (let me keep it for myself)


When I told him I got an offer with EY, he was quite frustrated. I can see it. He was from EY himself, and his wife Esther's from PwC, so they know how the Big 4 appeals to students. They also have monthly luncheon. Oh my God! They're the best!! So me and Shu were offered a place on the spot. Shu ended up signing the offer letter. Hihihi

I put this picture because I'm soooo excited for Mya!! (far right) She's a beauty with brain, and also a good friend. 
Yayyyy!! I'm gonna intern with this lady.. InsyaAllah. What's funny is that she persuaded me to do my internship early so that we can do it together. And yeah. She got EY too!!
Oh! And before I forgot. I got another invitation for the online assessment of KPMG. Apparently I did not do well enough the first time. How kind are they to give me a second chance? The first assessment comprises of two section. I am required to re-do only the first section. Does that means I scored okay for the second section? Heeee


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