Monday 5 August 2013

Of Immune System

Today's topic is immune system. 
Not of the body but the mind.
Enchanting, much?

Not many of us are aware of this kind of immune system.
It is embedded in everyone and one tend to focus less on this.
Remember as a child, our mom kinda forced the vitamins and Scott's emulsion on us [well, my mom did] to strengthen our immune system?

Our mind is a fascinating.
It has the ability to block out any extremely sad emotions or traumatizing experiences.
Sungguh hebat ciptaan Allah.

So, I knew this from my discussion with various psychologist (I tend not to trust counselors), my reading and also not to mention personal experiences.

A research shows that any event happened more than 3 months ago, do not have any impact on your happiness today [Dan Gilbert, 2010].
None at all!!
This is due to the neuro-psycho immune system. 

Case in point;
First. My dad's demised.
Yes, I was feeling down at that time.
But it doesn't last long.
Neuro-psycho immune system!
Now after so many years, when I look back no matter how hard I try I could never re-lived the same sad emotion.
Because the mind has its way of blocking the sadness.

Secondly is a widely used example.
A rape victim for example.
She'll tend to forget chunks or bits of what actually happened.
Because yet again, the brain blocked out the trauma.

So the moral of the story is no matter what happen in your life your mind will take care of it for you.
You won't feel the same pain, the same feelings.
You should be up and running in no time.
Unless you CHOOSE to hold on to your bad experience.
I've made the mistakes.
Trust me.

Let go. 
How beautiful is it that we have the mechanism in us to get us through all the hardship in life?
Why do we hold on to bad memories even though we didn't feel as bad?

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