Monday 19 August 2013

Teluk Batik : Underrated

Malaysia is a beach heaven, if I may say so. Some are not known to the public or even highly underrated.
Just to name a few; the very scenic Pantai Melawi in Kelantan and case in point, Teluk Batik.

I became accustomed with this place since my UiTM days. It is a merely one hour drive from the campus.

Teluk Batik is in Lumut, Perak where the jetty to Pangkor Island is located.
Go figure.
Pangkor overshadowed Teluk Batik, in my honest opinion.

Let me share some of the beauty.
[Thank you Google]

Clear blue sky.
And, it will be quite hard to get telephone signals here.
Perfect for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

If you happen to visit Teluk Batik, allow me to introduce you to the best eateries in town - Restoran Silaturahim.
It is the most popular restaurant in Lumut, I dare say.

Menyediakan masakan kampung, ikan bakar dan ulam-ulaman.
Dibuka setiap hari kecuali Jumaat, dari jam 11 pagi hingga 4 petang.
Terletak di persimpangan Teluk Batik dan Outward Bound, berdekatan Pangkalan Tentera Laut


There are rows and rows and rows of food trays!

Come visit!

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  1. lumut and teluk batik where is my childhood place.. nice and i miss the moments there..


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