Tuesday 13 December 2016

Sime Darby Management Trainee Program

Quite a number of my juniors had been asking me about this program. And upon a quick search on the internet, I couldn't find any blogs sharing MTP's experience.

Bear in mind that my batch (Batch 7 is the last batch with old structure); I'll explain more about the new structure at the end of this post.

Here's the requirement for the program;

Basically the program runs for 12 months. The MTs (Management Trainees) are rotated across 4 divisions / business units while simultaneously conduct CSR projects, attend in-class training and at the end of the session attend NUS Singapore for an executive module.  

I applied through Jobstreet somewhere in May 2014. 
Sat for the online assessment in June. 
Went to the assessment center in August. 

For the assessment center, the activities were essay writing, presentation and also a one-to-two interview.

In September, we MTs started our Induction at Sime Darby Leadership Centre. 

For my batch [MTP7], we had 14 MTs. 
9 guys and 5 girls.
Half of the MTs are Sime Darby's scholars. 

Half of us graduated from local universities. 

We came from all sorts of background; Biochem from Cambridge, Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham, Accounting from Uniten, Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, Econs from ANU, Management from USM, Commerce from Melbourne, Biotech from INTI, you got the gist. 

Our training are held from time to time throughout the 12 months period. 

We ALWAYS look forward to the training because of the great food over at SDLC, the chance to catch up [since we are rotated to difference Business Units across the Group] and for the awesome training modules. 

My first rotation was at Group Services Centre : Service Management at the Head Office, KL. 

Then I'm off to Sime Darby Property International under the Strategy and Project Management's Office unit.

Next, I got a little bit of Internal Audit exposure at Corporate Assurance : Industrial.

And my last rotation was at Risk Management where I subsequently got absorbed as permanent executives. 

Throughout the first three rotation, we were assessed and only if we passed the requirement, were we able to go to Singapore for the last executive module.

We were treated very very nicely in Singapore, mind you. 

Secret Santa with the MTs
To answer some of the commonly asked questions;

What's the difference between MTs, SL1M, Management Apprenticeship and Executives?
All four of them are entry level positions in Sime Darby. 

SL1M and Management Apprenticeship are basically the same. The contract is for 12 months and the pay is RM1500, with one day annual leave entitlement every month. The aim is to help bridge the gap between education and the professional world. Requirement - 27 years old and below, minimum GPA 2.5, had been unemployed for not more than 2 years. The placement after 12 months is subjected to vacancy and performance. 

Based on my experience in Sime Darby so far, Executive role has not been advertised externally that much except for  Finance and Sales [generally speaking]. The reason being, Sime Darby has their own pool of talents; their scholarship holder that join the company upon their graduation to serve their bond. These scholars are generally the first choice in terms of filling in the vacancies. The minimum requirement for an Executive is a university degree and the starting pay is RM3000. 

Management Trainee went through stringent series of interview. And they got paid a little bit more than Executive. You'll get the chance to be rotated across multiple business units.

Can the MTs choose their rotational placement?
No. During my time, we are purposely placed in fields outside of our expertise, outside our comfort zone. That's why you don't see me doing my rotation in Finance. 

Can the MTs choose their permanent placement?
Yes. However, it is subjected to vacancy. Before I went ahead with the Risk Management unit, I went for an interview with the Group Finance unit. Upon deliberation, I decided I treasure my work-life balance sooooo so much that I wouldn't want to be in Finance department. 

Recently, Sime Darby has revamped their MT program. The latest structure can be seen here;

Anyone who is considering Sime Darby upon graduation, I highly recommend the company. The benefits and perks are good. The bonus, too. 

Feel free to ask any question!


  1. hiii! boleh tak kalau nak tanya few questions regarding MTP ni?

    1. Hi, if I'm not mistaken, the program has been halted for now.


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