Thursday 18 October 2012

Internship Woes - Choices

So my story is about the future.
Am in my final semester now.

Due on February next year till July.
I am pretty excited about it actually. I had applied to several places.
Astro and KPMG asked for an online assessment. 
Maxis called for immediate internship. 
Isn't that exciting to know that at least some of the companies are considering you to be part of them. 
And big companies too, to say the very least.
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

Then suddenly an alumni posted in Uniten's FB page that our period of internship clashes with UiTM's.
Whatt??? *screaming on top of my lungs*
That was literally my first reaction.
Student UiTM anak kesayangan Big Four kot.
*then, rational thinking kicks in*
Isn't this how the real world works?
If I am to be threaten, shouldn't it be with Ivy League's graduates at least?

It's not that I'm looking down on them.
Heck, I was one of them.
UiTM masih di hatiku.
But I honestly feels it does not matter where you studied.
Yeah, sure.

When you first got in, relatives demotivate you by saying stuff like 'UiTM je ker?' or 'tak dapat tawaran lain ke?' or 'masuk swasta sebab tak dapat IPTA eh'
Been there, folks!
Ada student KPTM excel in her studies now doing Degree in UK.
Tak guna study kat renowned IPTA kalau pointer bawah 2.
Not meaning to be harsh but that's my stand.

Just do your best in whatever you do.
I know, it sounds cliche.
Better be a First Class Honor student of Uniten compared to Second Class Lower of a renowned university.
Which one do you think the employer will prefer?
Looking at the soft skills, too not to forget.

So what do I look for in a internship company?

Whether it's reachable by public transport. 

Funny tak first point?

I do not own my own car and I don't want to trouble my mom.
Plus, most of the time, public transport covers all area.
So it should not be a problem.
PS- i'd worked part time at Bukit Bintang before.  It's a one bus and one monorail station away from my home.

Next I also want to know if I can apply my knowledge there. 
I know many aims for accounting firms, wanting to do auditing. 
But man, that's limiting your choices.
Every organization has an accounting department or finance for that matter. 
The big corporation is most likely to have an internal audit department, too.
Why not start there?

Then comes the credibility of the organization. 
I know for a fact that YK takes into consideration the places we are doing our practicals at. 
I vividly remembered Mr Ijlal's word 'Kalau nak praktikal kat small firm, you better not called yourself a scholar'.
It's funny, yes.
But it's the truth.

Also important in a sense that I will be out there, working in a real working environment.
Don't you think my mother has a share in my allowances, after all that she's done?
The best holiday would be a family holiday and that's my goal.
A family holiday, using my own money.

Trying to be 'kaklong' yang berjaya to my brothers.

So what's the dilemma?

Apparently I got accepted to a program overseas with grants and everything.
It's a lifetime opportunity.
Uniten is very supportive.

The problem is whether I will get THE approval. 
There's a lot of procedures involved and I won't say much about it.
Suffice to say, I am very excited and honored.
But if it didn't go through, tak ada rezeki lah tu.
For sure Allah will compensate it with better deals.


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