Tuesday 16 October 2012


So, yesterday I got the chance to attend a talk by Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal at Damansara Perdana.
It was a small crowd, with only approximately 40 Uniten students.
Apparently, one of the managers at Emkay Land is interested with UNITEN graduates.
He even offered immediate vacancies to the final year students!

This topic is a very important one for me.
It lingers in my mind.. Always!
And my POV was further strengthen after Tan Sri’s (or pakcik as he addressed himself) prep talk yesterday.
‘More than skills and knowledge, I look for characters. Characters as in manners and integrity. It can not be fabricated. Thus, making one with characters very valuable. That’s what I am constantly on the look out for.’
Being in universities since 2007, I had came across LOTS of people.
Different attitude, different personalities.
Hundreds of lessons learnt.
I always wonder why most (get this, MOST) people (or the students; as that’s the crowd I’m closest to) have no manners; to be frank.
Many people thought of it as a small thing.

But hey, man.
That what makes us human.
I strongly believe; those without manners are selfish and has been brought up with no values.
I just can not emphasize on the importance of values and manners strong enough.
For me, it’s embedded in everyday life since I was a little girl.

Lemme give ya simple every day scenarios..
Your roommate is sleeping. You woke up early and getting ready to go to class. You flew open the curtains. Play your favorite songs (very loud,too). To top it off, you banged the door on your way out. Savvy eh?
Tak ada akal nak fikir kah?
Maybe you got brain but honey, you ain’t got an ounce of humanity.
Another example.
I know everyone has got that one friend who just loves to interrupt a conversation. You know how when you’re talking, then came a person asking ‘Kenapa weyh, kenapa weyh, kenapa weyh?
And it happens ALL the time.
Suara kau itu kuat.
Kelam kabut tolak orang out of ya way.

In a single conversation mau dua tiga kali macam tu.
Ohhoiii. It’s annoying as hell.

Never interrupt other people’s conversation.
Have you ever heard of manners before?
Everheard of a saying, treat people as how you want to be treated?
Knowledge without manners, makes you an empty shell.
Keep that in mind.


Just show your consideration, people!
It will go a long way!!

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