Sunday 21 October 2012

Accounting Project Paper

Final year students and Final Year Projects (FYP).
Interestingly, in Uniten the FYP is a group effort (or it should be).
It's a two semester job.

Adik-adik dan sahabat-sahabat sekalian.

I have the most important advice to give to y'alls.
Choose your team member WISELY.
Like, for real!!

Sometimes under-performing students is a better team member.
I witnessed it.
I experienced it.
So, do not assume people with good grades will produce good work.
Just don't!

In the end, it all comes down to diligence.
I am not impressed if you scored a perfect 4.00 but you plagiate all the way.
If you do not bother to read the materials and do homework before you speak.
Last minute work.. always.
And I would be the one to re-do all your part.
So much for a team work, eh?


So folks, a community message from me -
This is as a reminder to myself also.

If you can not make other people's life easy, don't burden 'em.

Till then.

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