Tuesday 30 October 2012

Internship Interview

Yesterday was a very tiring day; which explains why I woke up earlier today aching all over and end up skipping classes. 

First up, I went to Megan Avenue for an interview with Rabin & Associates.

The interview was at 10.
I must say, they are a very punctual bunch of people.
As soon as I got there, I was given a test.
Yup. You read it right. And it is not A test. It's several tests.
I was the only applicant at that time.

Grammar test
I was a given a one-half-pages of a business related article with numerous errors in grammar, spelling and choice of words. So, correct 'em away!

Accounting test
Naturally, this test is to be expected. It was a 17-question of terror. It was freaking difficult! I was like; 'How come I never come across these things before?'. Unless for the theory part, which are quite straight forward, the others are *die* It's a multiple choice question, btw. No worries. 
I am a little but flustered by these questions, truth be told. 

Personality Test
It's a basic one, just like those during our school days. I doubt there's anything we can do bout this. It's either we got it in us, or we don't.

IQ Test
This was an interesting one! It's like the question for Khazanah Scholarship, PTS (in Standard 3) and SAT's mashed together. Only tougher. It has more than 50 questions.

All of the above were to be answered in 2-hour time. Cuak tak, cuak tak?
And, with no calculator.
Right after that, interview session with the Audit Principal.

I was shocked beyond words, answering the tests. Hahaha No kidding!
When I actually went for the interview, my English was all over the place.
I stuttered a lot. Come on, man!
What in the *tuutttt* is wrong.

But I guessed she managed to see me behind the nervousness and I am offered a place.
(I've never been this nervous btw)
Allowance - RM700
Location - 5 minutes walk from KLCC
The people - friendly

Then I wondered around in KLCC, thought of buying a book at Kinokuniya.
Better wait for my Kad Siswa then. 

At around 2, I arrived at Dang Wangi for yet another interview, RSM Group.

Apparently, the company is quite big and established.
There was 4 of us, all girls, the other three being from UM.
First, sat for the test. It's an audit questions. Yayy!!
Then, there was a simple personality test and an essay question.
Pretty easy, I would say.

During the interview, the auditor was quite surprise that I did not go to the Big 4.

Alhamdulillah he told us that we are going to be offered.
Just wait for the call and the offer letter.
Allowance - RM800 plus OT and travelling allowance
Location - just opposite Dang Wangi LRT
The people - professional. On a scale on 1 to 10 on friendliness, I'll give them 7.

So that makes my standing offer (InsyaAllah) at the moment - 3.
With one more company Cristopher Heng to be interviewed.
I don't think that I'll go after the bad review I found on the internet.
Plus, it's far - Jln Ipoh.

Just now, LITERALLY just now while I was blogging, I got a phone call from Asyraf.
*melt* sekejap.
He works at the Security Commission and he's one of the senior manager.
I also applied to intern at SC and I'm planning to quote him as my reference.
He was more than happy to help.
That's the perks of networking, guys!

I was stationed under him during the ICC camp at Kepala Batas earlier this year.
So he knew me at a working environment which I prefer because he'll know my capacity.

Crossing fingers for the best.

Oh and did I mention that I am soooooo in love with Magnum Almond *drool*


*YK, y u no give me answer?

**sometimes people come to you when they need you. Other times, they happily went away.

***sometimes you stick with someone out of comfort, not feelings.

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