Sunday 28 October 2012

Full Blog Revamp

So i decided to do a full make-over for this blog. Nice, eh?

The picture up here is taken the last time I went to JB and it's just breathtaking.
So that explains it.

I also privatised this blog, for the moment.

I felt like sharing intimate thoughts and this no longer serves as experience-sharing blog.
It's now a platform for me to pen out my feelings and thoughts.
Maybe i will make it public, later. Who knows?

An update on my internship status.

Tomorrow I got an interview at Rabin & Associates, Megan Avenue.
I am a bit hesitant to go cos i know even if I got the offer, it is very unlikely I'll accept.
The allowance is RM 700 .. Not bad.

If worst comes to worst, this could be my saving grace.
However, knowing how important interviews are, it's better for me to go.
As a warm up, ya know? And to gain experiences.

I also scored interviews at Cristopher Heng, Jln Ipoh and RSM, Dang Wangi.

ACT Partners, Puchong already offered a place.
So Alhamdulillah, everything is in order though truth to be told, am still waiting for the Big 4 or any famous big companies.

A few days ago (on Eid Adha) I got the chance to visit my friend who just gave birth to a beautiful twin boy. 

That makes me analyse my life from a bigger picture. 

I'll make a separate post, don't worry. 


See ya later!

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