Monday 4 March 2013

A Passion Lost

I used to be crazy over books. Used to.
When I was working at Mellane, I often spent my lunch break at Times Bookstore.
Memory Lane, Pavilion.
When the cheque came in at the end of the month, I would do a shopping spree at Times. I spent  RM500. Every month. Takdehal.
Tetapi sekarang.
Brace yourself for the news.
I have lost my passion!!
Not in reading but in buying new books.
I just do not have the urge to buy books anymore.
Anyhow, today I went to the Big Bad Wolf book sales at The Mines. I had set my mind to buy travel and German phase books. I went with my mom.
I toured the whole hall. I went to every section.
I was thinking. Oh maybe if I found books by Sophie Kinsella or Jodie Picoult or Haruki Murukami, I might wanna buy it.
But then, since today is the last day not many books are left. Hishhh!!
In the end, wanna see what I bought?
The Culture Shock series is pretty amazing. But sadly I couldn't find one on Frankfurt so I have to settle with this which is the only Germany cities left on the table. Guess how much these cost? RM11. LOL.
Only these? Even my mom was shocked. But fret not, i will utilize the RM250 book voucher to the very best.
This makes me think. If I do not love reading anymore, where did my passion go?
Yes. Definitely. I think so.

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