Monday 25 March 2013

Seri Iskandar

I have always said that the best phase of my life was during my diploma days. It is indeed true. I learnt a lot of lessons; life lessons. I'd enemy but above that; I had great friends.

UiTM Seri Iskandar, 2007 - 2010.

Terima kasih kepada mereka yang senantiasa berada di sisi sepanjang zaman kegelapan dan zaman kenaifan.

First and foremost, what would my life be without such an awesome person and even a greater friend. Whose family had become mine, who made me cry uncontrollably when she delivered Zhafran *yup, she's a mom now* Thank you Laila for making my days at UiTM so happy and filled with warmth. *cry*

Teman makan saya, teman netball saya. 
Though she's never in the netball team, she will ALWAYS be at the court supporting me. *crying even more* Always, without fail.

Her wedding day. I sincerely pray from the bottom  of my heart that you and your family will be blessed always.
Right after our graduation, hanging out at Telok Batik  :)

My roommate, my classmate, my best friend.

Zhafran, her baby boy :D
Cerita kedua, perihal bola jaring. Tuah NC yang tak pernah kalah setiap sem. Daripada first sem sampai sem terakhir. Thank you UiTM for providing a sport complex. Berlatih netball, setiap kali tournament, setiap kali kawan-kawan akan turun sokong. The same goes as football team. Semangat assabiyah yang kuat.

Ingat tak Al masa latihan wakil UiTM, kau cakap urat kaki kau macam nak terputus berlari and kau sumpah tak nak main netball dah. Kononnya lah!! Hahaha Le passion towards netball is too strong.

Al-Adawiyah @ Al Sepet, captain netball yang tak jemu menjerit semasa latihan. Oh! How much I miss those days.
Penyokong setia team bola sepak Inter-part. 
Tak lengkap cerita UiTM tanpa Ezo rasanya. My friend, awesome goalkeeper with his award.
Girl's night out at UTP.  Festival of Colours kalau tak silap.
Kemuncak zaman kegemilangan di UiTM. Presentation Entrepeneurship . It's a huge deal. The same level as presentation of the project paper.
Favourite pastime; eating and laughing. In short, being happy.
Aidil Fitri 2010. Convoy.
Menjelang test, semua baik di tempat duduk. 
Selca at a British Fort, Pangkor Island.
Before we graduate, we went to Pulau Pangkor. Just the five of us. I must tell  ya, it was exciting.
Another good friend of mine, Arif. I just love this picture so much. Teheee!
Mien, need no recognition kot. :)

Dan masih, we meet after UiTM.  :)
 I know you're  doing extremely well now and I am extremely utterly proud of you!!
UiTM organized their Dean's List Award Ceremony every freaking semester ya'all!!
And with that 3 years, I graduated with Diploma in Accountancy.

ps - Ye, post ini memang tiada motif. I just miss the good old days and and the good people.

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