Sunday 3 March 2013

Time for Another Survey

Social media promotes narcissism.
At the core of  extreme narcissism is egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations, needs and success.
Dalam bahasa mudahnya, kita berkongsi segala-galanya di media sosial dengan tanggapan insan lain mengambil berat tentang kita.
We just need to let people know our success, whereabouts, what we're eating etc.
We have the mindset that we are important.
Aku juga.
Menjadi manusia narsistik.
Berkongsi itu ini.
Tapi, tidak soal perasaan. Itu off limits.
Selang lima minit status baru di BBM, twitter.
It's compulsive.
Kadang-kadang, terlalu banyak information itu annoying. Not to mention excessive PDA. Macam aku pernah tekankan dulu, unless kau adalah pasangan selebriti atau an old couple; that is freaking annoying!
Jadi, apa aku buat?
Tanpa ragu-ragu unfollow di Twitter, delete di BBM contact.
Sekian mukadimah.
It's time for another survey.. Yayy!
A to Z Questionnaires.
A. Age : 23 years old
B. Bed size : Queen sized
C. Chores that you hate : Doing laundry. Let me do the dishes instead :)
D. Dogs : May be cute at times.
E. Essential things : Phone, hair clip, hairband. I'm boring like that.
F. Favorite color : Salmon pink, red and black.
G. Gold or silver : Silver
H. Height : 172 cm
I. Instruments you play : None. Need. To. Learn.
J. Job title : Student.
K. Kids : Definitely! Had names in mind already. How early is that?
L. Live : To the fullest. Make the best out of the worst.
M. Mother's name : Junaidah / Sirilak Pillai
N. Nicknames : One cousin love to call me Eva Peron. *sila google* Hish! Annoying.
O. Overnight hospital stays : More than I care to remember.
P. Pasta : One word - Love!
Q. Quote from a song : The one that I held close close to my heart is 'Little by little, He gives you everything you ever dream of' from Little by Little (Oasis).
R. Right or left handed : Right
S. Siblings: Am the eldest out of three. Two younger brothers.
T. Time you wake up : Varies every day
U. Unicorns : Nothing girly about a horse. Nothing girly about horns. Put em together, you got a unicorn (Ted, HIMYM). Sorry. It just came into my mind. Hahahaha
V.Vegetable you hate : Certainly carrots and long beans.
W. What makes you believe in love : I just do. I am a helpless romantic. Sorry. Couldn't help it.
X. X-Rays you've had : Several. Wrists, lungs, shoulders.
Y. Yummy food you love : On top of my list, ice cream!
Z. Zoo animal : Bears!
*Exhibit A, me. I am a narsissistic person. No doubt bout that. Why would I spent time answering this q's otherwise? To let you know me better, of course!

** Ramai orang tanya, dah start pack barang ke? Di sini aku jawab. Belum. Ghairah itu belum sampai.

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