Tuesday 5 March 2013

Dentist Appointment

I love to visit the dentist.

I never had the chills when going to dental clinics. Kenapa orang takut sangat? I can not comprehend. ;p

But, i guess it is the same with me being overly paranoid with pocong. Orang lain lek lek jer. Understanding di situ. Okay. Out of topic.

Lain orang, lain kelemahan nye.

So, i was googling for dental clinics nearby. Apparently, Klinik Pergigian Fauzian is very popular. It is at Section 7 Shah Alam. Jauh pulak tu. *the treatment room is all in pinkkkk* Sangat cute okayh.

Alternatively, i went to Jalan Klang Lama which is wayyy closer to home. If ya is searching for a dental clinic, do go to Klinik Pergigian OUG. It's beside RHB Bank, right behind Parkson.

The dentist is beautiful! Cantik sungguh. Muda, bangsa Sikh. Memang model sangat. Hoho

So i went for a simple scaling and polishing session. Alhamdulillah gigi sihat dan kuat. No need for filling or anything. Yeay!!

It cost me a hundred bucks. The service was very professional, no pain at all. Highly recommended!

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