Saturday 2 March 2013

Movie Review - Jack the Giant Slayer

I am pleasantly surprise by this movie. For one thing, i kept on thinking that Jack Black is the lead actor (maybe due to the tittle) which apparently he is not; and secondly i did not know that Ewan McGregor is part of the cast. *high five*

The story is fast-paced, thank God and the fact that I did not fall asleep watching it is an achievement by itself. I was watching the midnight run, by the way.

The hero is an eye candy, no doubt about that.

This story is the classic Jack and the Beanstalk tale with a few new elememts; to spice up the story I suppose. 

So Jack got this bag of sacred beans from a priest who was trying to save it from falling into the wrong hands. It was raining heavily.. BAM!! The beans grewww.

The story started with the legend of the giants being told by Jack's father and Princess Isabelle's mother. Isabelle wondered around at night and got lost. She went to Jack's house by accident and that was when the beans grew into the sky, up to the giants lair bringing the princess together tangled between the massive stalks.

Jack and a few armies were sent to bring Isabella home. There's a crown made by the monks that would make the giants bow down to the owner and it got into the the wrong hands. Basically that's it.

It was fun to watch. Towards the end, the giants came down to eat humans. *That's their diet* 

But as always, the good guys always win. Thanks to the mighty Ewan McGregor *yes, i am being biased here*.
Jack got his hand on the crown and all the giants bowed down to him. Yayy!!

The story has a good dose of humour and action. Certainly worth watching!

You know a movie is good when you walked out of the cinema saying 'Nice!'.

It's 8.5/10. :D

*saya sedang menaip di KL Sentral. It's 3 am *panas*
**sedang overnight menunggu train ETS jam 6 pagi.

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