Sunday 3 March 2013

Cameron Highlands Trip - Pictorial

Late dinner at Secret Recipe. Thai Seafood Pasta
Breakfast for Champions. Hollywood, Ipoh.
Brunch at BOH Plantation

We were up there. Yohooo!!
What we had. Fair warning people, stick to its tea ONLY at BOH Tea Plantation. The dessert definitely looks scrumptious, but looks is all it have.
At Cameron Lavender :)
Purr, Kitty purr.
The gang.
It can not be any fresher than this.
Bidding farewell
The View

Other pictures will be uploaded soon, right after the official photographer (Cc Taufiq) give me the soft copies. Teheeee

Thanks to Anis and Taufiq for such a wonderful day trip!

Going home totally exhausted. Maklumlah. Overnight the day before.

*Taufiq, I hope you had fun.How did it go,eh? Your first trip to Cameron? :D

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