Tuesday 25 June 2013

How I Let Go

I wrote this only after everything is official.

It breaks my heart, really to turn down such an amazing opportunity. 
But, I believe when Allah close a door to one, he's giving me a better opportunity.

Boleh apply ke prinsip nie since I was the one who pulled out?
InsyaAllah. Lepas Istikharah, antara dua pilihan ini yang terbaik InsyaAllah.

I've mentioned before that I applied to Otak2 Internship Program.
It's a two months internship program for Malaysia's 50 brightest undergraduates.
Looking at the numbers, I daresay that the majority of the previous cohort were from overseas; Cambridge, MIT, UCL. Gempaq kan?
And the partner companies pun bukan calang-calang. 
Petronas, Maxis, Axiata, Teach for Malaysia, Talent Corp dan bermacam lagi.
Apart from the day-to-day internship, there will also be leadership and networking program. 
How awesome is that?

So the qualifications?
-Excellent academic track records with extra co-curricular activities
-undergraduates student (doesn't matter what course you are taking)
-free for the fixed internship period (July-August)
-fluency in English

I got to know that this year, the applications that came trough were more than 800. 
I got shortlisted, Alhamdulillah.

After the application process, they set a Skype interview.
It was challenging because the interview was designed to see the candidates reaction under pressure. 

And lemme tell ya one thing.
If you are a nerd who spend your time with only academic books, you ain't gonna ace that interview man.
The questions ranged from the basics (strength, why you chose your major etc) to general knowledge like 'What do you think about Hillary Clinton?'.
You really, really need to have general knowledge.
Read a lot.
Have an open mind.

So afterwards, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah I got a provisional offer.
Gembira bukan kepalang time tu.

I was told I'm being placed at Air Asia.
*grinning ear-to-ear*

News came after that Air Asia is not gonna make it this year due to some structural changes.
I was then matched to Equatorial Group.

Even without the placement being finalized, we (provisional cohorts) were already given a reading list.
Awesome much!
Saw the whole bunch of the provisional cohorts in the official FB page.
98% are from overseas.

Tak sangka, then the admin asked me if I wanted to intern with the political organizations.
Siapa tak nak?
Bagai bulan jatuh ke riba gitteww..

But along the way, I was also applying to another organization.
Tahu tak, perangai saya lagi susah nak dapat, lagi nak usaha.
This 'other organization' is as good.
Even the founder of Otak2 used to work there.

Nak dijadikan cerita, the official offer letter from the 'other organization' came first.
Interview die ni pun satu hal.
It was not as far-fetched as Skype, though. Only regular phone interview with two recruiters.

So, now.
Two options.
Which one to choose.

After much consideration I choose the later.

Just because I can make full use of the 3 months break and I'm afraid that I can not work with KJ after all due to the contract with YK. [Tak boleh ada kaitan dengan political parties]

For the first few days, it kills me inside to see Otak2 event calendar; truth be told.
But, I remembered that I made the decision after Istikharah.

Terima hakikat.

Kawan-kawan di Otak2, congrats juga.
Do your best.
If Allah's willing, we'll meet some day.

Tak sabar nak ber'intern'.

Tak. Ini bukan official internship.
The official 6-month must-do-internship-to-graduate will start in October, in line with Uniten's semester calendar.

So these 3 months will be utilized to the max.

Bak kata offer letter, "...... make a significant contribution to the country"

What is the 'other organization'?
To be revealed soon!

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