Thursday 27 June 2013

Wajib Tonton

How do you know if a movie is worth watching?
For me, it is when there is no nude or action scene but still; you heart flutters.
Or in my case, you cried your eyes out.  LOL

With that being said, I officially urge you guys to watch this Korean movie.
Trust me.
It's worth it.
Wajib tonton.

It was released earlier this year, being the third highest grossing film of all time in South Korea.

Would be in my list of best movies of all time.
Sarat dengan nilai-nilai murni.
We need more of these!!

Miracle in Cell no 7.
And because I'm cool liddat, here's the link to the movie.
Thank me later!

And, do prepare some tissue in advance.

PS - the kid actress looks like Mia Sara, but less annoying and betterrrrr acting skills. Kudos!


  1. Thanks ya eva sbb preview this movie. Best :)

  2. Sama-sama. Best kan? Nangis2 tengok..

  3. Best sangat. memang nangis, lagi2 klau tgk sorg2. nnti preview la lagi cerita cerita yang best ye


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